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Last Ronin is the brainchild of Simon Robinson. Born in Bromsgrove, a small town in Worcestershire, England. & raised around music, the young Last Ronin originally followed the path of a drummer. Then later transitioned to electronic music production early 2013.

After being recognized by the BBC in 2014 with numerous radio airings, he was asked to play at the awesome local festival Noztock. Inspired by such cool artists as MitiSSeven Lions & Virtual Riot, Last Ronin has now set out to make his own imprint in the electronic music scene.

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Hariharan Pillai, also known as Pillzaxx, is a 23 year old Indian Dubstep & Bass Music producer/DJ/Sound Engineer. After sharing stages with a range of fun artists in the dance music industry such as Sander Van Droon, Headhunterz , Marnik or even Gergor salto, he signs with us God Mode end 2018, an hybrid dubstep/trap tune with a crazy sound design.

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Half-Danish, half-English, that young producer lives in Brussels, Belgium, which is quite logical when you think about it.
He grew up listening to a lot of English bands such as Oasis, The Clash & Muse, but later he got into electronic music through artists like Porter Robinson & Zedd. Now he mostly produces future bass & melodic dubstep but I heard he would have bought a guitar..?

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Dubstep producer loving strong percussive sounds, BeatFort adds a lovely Electro touch in his releases, with some L.I.T. tunes to come, you will love this guy from Kazakhstan!

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Him- “The best way to remind yourself where you’re going, is to look at where you’ve come from.
I’ve lived by these words to get to where I am in just 2 years of self-taught music production. Growing up in a country where EDM isn’t that popular (Kenya), the genre had to find me and I’m glad that it did!
Producing is peace for me, it’s my passion, it’s my life. Looking forward to making this a full-time career and Fatstep is a great start for me!”

Us- “Our pleasure, buddy”

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Denis aka XCIMER is an EDM music producer from Russia. Music in his life used to be just the background and the atmosphere of everything that happens around him. At the age of 13/14 years old, he started to experiment with Techno and EDM music. He tried to make Hardcore-Techno or Rawstyle music more often than EDM, but each time, all led him more to the Bass music such as DubstepHybrid TrapBass House … At this moment, he knew that he had found himself!

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Strong is a UK based producer who has been producing House for a while but recently experimenting with Hip-Hop beats and vocals.