Steven Angel

Steven Angel

One of Tel Aviv finest, Steven Angel was born in new-York in 1982 and moved to Israel as a child. At the age of 5 he studied piano and started djing at 16, and there is no question that soul & groove is something he was born with…

In terms of DJing, Steven is known for his ability to work a huge festival crowd or packed club, as he's also able to tailor his sounds to more intimate Boutique events & Stylish bars.

He is known for crafting full musical stories thru his DJ sets. There is no second to his ability to play only the most superb music, with his unique and diverse musical choices, ranging  from EDM, Future House, Trap and Big Room House to Techno, House (real 100% house music!), Afro-Beat, Funk, Electro Swing, Ghetto Funk, Lounge, hip hop and chill out, while always keeping a defined trail of groove during the progress of the event and always hits all the right spots that make the crowd have an unforgettable experience 

Steven is one of the busiest dj's in Tel Aviv, and  has played in all the major clubs and venues in Israel and also outside of Israel with sets at Ruigoord church & W2 Club (Holland), Enjoy Club (Switzerland), Dij & Bass Festival (Austria), turkey, Greece and is set to play in Romania and Wales during 2016.