Fatstep Records



Rippleton creates music for space battles. Each track is created to inspire a different sci-fi scene. Ethereal melodies and vast harmonies spin up to epic planet-splitting bass and take listeners on a journey into the heart of a space battle. 

My mum was a storm trooper, my dad was a stormtrooper but truth is, I never wanted to be a storm trooper. I got into music watching cantina bands while dad got drunk, have been working on the death star 5 years now but I just want to make bass music. I started playing piano when I was very young, then naturally moved on to keytar (because chicks dig keytars). 

As a sci-fi nutter I have always been inspired by the films, game books and current events that take us further into the depths of space and I want people to see a hear these epic scenes and moments when they hear my music.